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We, Kossan Paint (M) Sdn Bhd has been putting our efforts in manufacturing and marketing of Marine, Industrial, Decorative paints & Powder Coatings, providing a total solution to the needs of protection and decoration. The company has continuously invested heavily in skill trainings and product innovation (R&D) to provide superior quality products at an affordable price.

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Awarded with ISO 9001, Kossan Paint draws its strength from uncompromising effect to maintain a respectable level of product quality and customer services. Untiring quality control is carried out at every stage - from product developing to production and packaging, delivery to after-sale service.

The Best Paint Brand in Malaysia for Wall & Equipment

Finding the best paint in Malaysia could be one of the most exciting parts of the job. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint that ready to give you ultimate protection and care for your walls. From industrial paint to marine paint, we always provide the finest quality of paint and coating for your needs! Best of all, with countless colours to go for, the creative possibilities seem to be endless. So, selecting the best paint would be the easiest way to ensure you get to express the style and vibe that you want on any surfaces while giving the long-lasting protection for your walls and buildings.

Kossan Paint - The Leading Paint Brand & Protective Coating Solution in Malaysia

Kossan Paint always provides a comprehensive coating and maintenance solutions that are tailored to your coating needs. Our products offer you the finest quality and long-lasting performance for factories and industrial facilities that require heavy-duty and high-performance coating. Let's create an iconic premium look and durable finishes with Kossan Paint today!

The Best Paint Shop in Malaysia with Product Customisation

Looking for a paint shop in Malaysia that offers paint products with the exact colour shade that you have in mind with the desired material and finishing can be tough to find. Kossan Paint is passionate about delivering high-quality paints according to our customers' requirements and needs. We are flexible in product customisation with our state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated manufacturing equipment.

Here at Kossan Paint, we understand the importance of the style and vibe that you want to portray on your walls and buildings while giving it long-lasting protection. One of our special offerings as the best paint brand in Malaysia is to be able to fulfil small requests from our customers. If you have any inquiries or customisation requests, please contact us.

'Paint Shop Near Me' with Wide Range of Products for Different Industries

As a leading paint brand in Malaysia, Kossan Paint does not only offer you paint products but also an impressive array of products for different industries. We have put tremendous effort into research, development, and manufacturing for marine paints, industrial paint, decorative paints, and powder coatings, which serve as a complete solution to the needs of decoration and protection.

On top of that, Kossan Paint aspires to be the 'paint shop near me' that offers top-notch quality products for various industries at an affordable price. Known for the superior quality products and premium services, we continuously invested in skills, training and product innovation to meet the market demands and requirements yet still be a top cost-effective choice.