The Adhesive in the Wood Crafting & Construction

Wood adhesive comes in as a term that encompasses many products for a variety of applications. However, all these products are polymers that designed for the joining of timber elements through application to the timber surfaces and binding everything through either physically interlocking or with chemical reaction. The wood adhesive is commonly used under the controlled conditions in the production of structural wood products. These products include finger-jointed sawn timber, laminated logs, glulam, plywood and laminated veneer lumber. Nevertheless, there are several types of adhesive and choosing the right product is essential in keeping your work smooth and hassle-free. The use of each of these might vary based on the properties such as strength, curing time, viscosity and water resistance.

Choosing the Right Type of Wood Glue Malaysia

When looking for the wood glue in Malaysia, you will see there are few varieties of wood glue. Most of the wood glues are synthetic polymers or resins that are much sturdier and stronger than the wood itself. Besides, each type of glue differs in terms of bond durability, toxicity, flexibility and waterproofness. Here are the most popular types of wood adhesives:
  • Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)

    Polyvinyl Acetate or PVA is a rubbery synthetic polymer that creates flexibility and permanent bond. This wood glue is considered to be non-toxic, water-soluble which make it an ideal glue for a wide array of projects, especially for non-structural wood-to-wood bonds. The white varieties of PVA are formulated for indoor use, while the yellow varieties are designed for outdoor use. Thus, always check for the “waterproof: on the label, if you need a water-resistant glue.

  • Polyurethane Glue

    Polyurethane glue is a synthetic plastic resin that craft a tight and lasting bond. Polyurethane glues are one of the primary ingredients in many wood glues, as it is used for almost everything from paint to wood floor finishes. These wood glues excel when joining the end-to-end of the wood grain. Polyurethane is also moisture-activated, where it relies on the moisture in the air. Hence, it can bond perfectly even in humid conditions, unlike other wood glue and does not quickly dry out sensitive wood fibres.

  • Epoxy Wood Adhesive

    Epoxy wood glue without a doubt is one the best wood glue for filling in cracks and gaps. Unlike the liquid texture of other wood glues, the epoxy glue can thicken to a putty-like consistency. Epoxy wood glue is a two-part formula, that consisting resin and hardener that can interact instantly at the time of application. Once cured, the durability and waterproofness of epoxy glue make it favoured by woodworking experts

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