What is Polyurethane Paint Malaysia?

A polyurethane coating or also known as PU paint in Malaysia is a layer of polyurethane that acts as a protective layer when applied to a material’s surface. The PU coating can protect the base material from abrasion, corrosion, harsh weathering and other processes that would degrade the material over time. Polyurethane coatings also considered being strong and durable while providing exceptional wear resistance. The coating can be glossy or muted and can be transparent or opaque. It also can be ductile and soft, so that the base material is allowed to stretch without ruining the coating. The PU coating is not flammable, so they often used for some situation where the combustion is occurring in the same environment. Thus, proper care should be taken to limit the overexposure of polyurethane coating to ultraviolet light as it could cause the coating to degrade. Polyurethane coatings are notable for the high ability to adhere remarkably to a wide variety of base materials. Many of the polyurethane coatings do not require additional processing to cure. It can merely apply and cure upon exposure to the moisture in the air. Moreover, the polyurethane coating also commonly used for many different applications, especially to the wooden floor. Since the coating can be waterproof and have high abrasion resistance, this makes them an excellent choice for this application. It also can be used to apply on metal and top of other coatings as well.

The Benefits of PU Paint Coating

There are abundant benefits of adding the polyurethane finish to building exteriors. Here are the top three reasons why polyurethane paint has become the best finish for your building surfaces.
  • Provide Great Protection

    The polyurethane finishes combined with epoxy primers essentially create a smooth protective barrier on any surface they are applied to. The barrier is virtually impenetrable to atmospheric elements such as moisture, ultra-violet light, salt. So, the protection layer from the coating will keep the weathering elements from the materials when applied.

  • High Versatility

    When polyurethane finish combined with an epoxy primer, it can be applied on almost every type of material. It can be used effectively on the steel structural, non-ferrous metals or even on engineered plastic systems. The high versatility of polyurethane is one of the reasons why it has become widely used as a coating material in all manner of construction, including adhesives, coatings and sealants.

  • Safety & Application

    Polyurethane is made from the natural molecules known as monomers. After it has cured, it does not emit any harmful vapours. So, it is more environmentally friendly and safe for people and animals.

Besides, the polyurethane finishes are advised to be applied by experienced applicators who have the proper knowledge, skills and equipment to successfully and safely apply the polyurethane finishes.